Tell a global story.  Showcase your locationsproducts and services. Visualize your brand with the 5XD Xplorer platform.

What is the Globe Xplorer?

Very simply, it is an interactive SaaS platform for touchscreen displays. It allows brands to create their own 3D 'world' to showcase locations, products, services, data and stories. The Globe Xplorer is designed for kiosks and interactive 'touch' installations at customer centers, EBCs, tradeshows & events, etc.  The 5XD experience allows customers to 'explore' and 'touch' your brand in new and meaningful ways. 


Cloud based CMS

The Globe Xplorer's CMS will make modifying content and deploying to screens as easy as the click of a button. Users will choose from a range of globe styles, have the ability to adjust colors, drag & drop logos, pictures and video on the fly to make their world on-brand and compelling. With the cloud based administration it will be easy to manage and deploy experiences to a large numbers of screens.


3rd party Integrations

Our development team is currently adding integrations to connect to the latest data and technology but we need to hear from you. Let us know what platforms you would like to see connected to the Globe Xplorer?

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Interactive 3D

The Xplorer platform utilizes a state-of-the art game engine and our talented team of designers & developers to deliver gorgeous, highly interactive 3D experiences. Your customers will spin, zoom, and fly around your world as they learn about your story, products and services. Whether you have a single screen kiosk or a massive interactive video wall, the Xplorer Platform will create rich touch points with your audience.

data visualization

Seeing live data update across our globe is one of the most compelling experiences possible. Whether it's reporting revenue or social media trends, the Globe Xplorer has powerful potential for visualizing data.

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